Improved fitness gave man a chance to walk daughter down the aisle after heart attack

Justin Ballard of Prairie Grove, Arkansas, stared at the photos in disbelief.

“Do I really look that big?” he thought.

The pictures came from a joyous occasion – Christmas Day 2019, when Kelsey, the oldest of his three children, had gotten engaged.

The couple set a wedding date in October 2021. Justin vowed to be in much better shape by then.

At 6 feet tall, he often topped 250 pounds, sometimes 260.

He’d usually drop about 25 pounds in the spring and summer simply by playing softball and keeping busy in his yard, but he struggled to keep it off. Working a stressful desk job, he fueled himself with sodas and junk food. Lunches often came from drive-thru windows.

His weight also had caused health problems. Since 2015, he’d been on and off medication to control his blood pressure. He was in one of his “on” cycles.

In January 2020, Justin kickstarted his makeover by checking in with his doctor.

Stepping on a scale for the first time in months, he weighed 285 – his highest number ever.

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